8 Week College Prep Group

Coming in the Spring of 2020

Are you anxious about starting college? Are you prepared with the tools to make this transition as seamless and as successful as possible? College is such an exciting adventure but comes with a lot of new and unexpected things. It can be an overwhelming time in anyone’s life.

Help this time become a little less stressful by joining in on this summer prep group. This group coaching experience will provide an opportunity to discuss, learn, and get prepared with others who are about to embark on a similar journey.


Get ahead of the game and spark your upcoming year!

  • Learn what to expect in college and get better prepared

  • Get organized for the transition away from home

  • Gain knowledge on resources that are available to students

  • Learn how to “decode” a syllabus

  • Understand your learning style and get tips on how best to succeed in your college courses

  • Get tips on living in a new environment

  • Receive guidance on how to balance an academic and social life

  • And so much more!



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Life coaching with Emily Barton

Contact: 317-840-5409


Spark Your Life

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